#WomanCrushWednesday – Angela Moriarty

For #WomanCrushWednesday, I have decided to showcase a very good friend of mine, Angela Moriarty. She has started a Facebook page called Angela’s 9 Month Challenge.  Of her page, she says, “I will be posting exercise routines, food ideas, health tips, and writing about my challenges along the way.”

If you’re wanting some more inspiration or want to join in the challenge, head on over to her page and give it a “Like.”


That is not the only reason I have chosen to showcase her this week. Angela is an all around amazing person. (Yay for unintentional alliteration!) She truly cares about other people and has done so much to be a help and blessing to many, including working with a church to feed the homeless, taking in families to help them get back on their feet, being a foster parent, sewing “blankie tags” (blankets with silky “tags” all around the edges) for children in the hospital, and so much more.

On top of all that, she has four absolutely amazing children that she has home-schooled. Prior to meeting Angela, I never wanted to have kids. I worked in the tourism industry and knew kids were snotty, messy, loud, mean, and never behaved. Meeting her kids showed me that children act the way they are taught, that kids can listen, be kind, and well-behaved if that is what they are shown. If it Kids grownwasn’t for meeting her and her children, I probably never would have had Sylar.



The relationship she has with her husband is one that many women envy. These are two people who are so very much in love and it’s shown in the little things they do for each other. It’s clear when you see them together that they are two people who got it right.


Oh, I guess shouldn’t neglect to mention that the girl is hot! Her hubby is a lucky man and I’m sure he agrees. Of course he is a catch himself so they make a lovely pair.

Angela has even done some modeling. Of course you can see it in the photos, but she has gorgeous long red hair. Absolutely beautiful girl!

Angela&Sissy22   DCFC0112.JPG   New


Angela is the person I go to with all my gardening questions! …Okay, I don’t have any gardening questions because I don’t garden, but if I DID, she would be the one I go to with questions. This girl can grow anything and loves to spend time with her plants. She is not the read-a-book-to-them kind of person, but she certainly keeps her babies happy and growing.

B0392_350_439 Flower  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAgarden

Of course all those things are just a portion of her that the world gets to see. I love the fun person she is when she just lets loose. We have had so much fun over the years! Karaoke, Dollywood, Splash Country, most recently Cades Cove…it’s such a blast! Lucky for me, she gets my weird sense of humor so we’re always laughing. She is also amazing for hugs and just chilling with at the end of the day.

full   SissyDidMakeUp   CadesCpve

Girlie, thank you for being such an amazing person! Thank you for getting in contact with me all those years ago and piquing my interest with what you had to say. Definitely a life-changer and though things took some weird turns, I wouldn’t trade it for the world and am so happy to have you in my life!




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Glow Fertility Cycle Tracker

GlowLogoThere are many great apps out there for tracking your menstrual cycle. I tried two and settled on Glow. After doing some more research, I have to say Glow is in awesome company!


As a woman who had to go through a fertility clinic to finally be able to conceive, I am happy to read about Glow’s program Glow First. Couples who are trying to conceive put in $50/month for ten months. On the 11th month, Glow will make a payment to the your choice of one of their approved fertility clinics to help you on your way. If you conceive within the 10 month time frame, the money you put in goes to the pool to help other couples who were not as fortunate. Unfortunately, this program is only for Apple users currently, but they are working on the Android version.

The app itself (which is available for Android) is very in depth. The home page is a daily log that informs you of your risk for pregnancy if you were to have unprotected sex, as well as how many days until your next period.

Glow App Home

With the Glow Fertility Tracker, you can choose to view the dates by month to easily see when your previous cycles began and ended. After not using this app for a while, I got confused when I logged in and used the month view to find out when my last cycle had began. The dates of your period will be in pink and your high fertility days will be in red. I got those mixed up and was trying to figure out how I was on day 47 of my cycle. I was thinking there must be all kinds of things wrong with me or even that I was somehow magically pregnant. I had periods since the last time I had sex, but there are many women who experience monthly bleeding during pregnancy (which aside from my son, no bleeding for nine months was the best part of pregnancy so I feel for women who have to deal with both). When I realized I had switched it up, I saw I was only on day 28 so I calmed the hell down. If I would have taken a second to notice, it tells you on the home screen what cycle day it is {facepalm}

The daily log consists of 16 questions which help the app suggest your fertility level as well as your overall level of health.

Glow App Daily Log

If you’re looking for something to help you keep track of your cycle, whether to help you get pregnant or avoid it, I definitely suggest Glow.


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#WomanCrushWednesday – Olivia Kissper

On Monday, I posted an article called ASMR – Trick Your Body Into Relaxing. If you’re not familiar with ASMR, I highly suggest reading that article first because today I am going to be talking about ASMRtist Olivia of Olivia’s Kissper ASMR.Olivia Kissper Headshot

I mentioned in the last article that the first ASMR video I came across was WOW, this sounds like your hair is being TOUCHED! Binaural ASMR hair play, brushing and massage. This is a video by Olivia Kissper. I watched numerous videos of hers in the beginning. Slowly I began to branch out and watch others, but I have always come back to Olivia’s videos.

Something that is hard to come by is finding an ASMRtist who puts out new content often. I’m sure after a while a person must think, “How many more ways can I include triggers in my videos? I have done a hundred different videos already!” Sometimes it can be a month or longer between videos. However, Olivia has vowed to release a new video every Wednesday  and every Wednesday she has. What’s even more impressive is that she has continuously managed to make new, unique, and creative content. Her role plays are so much fun!

Along with giving the “tingles,” Olivia also liked to add positive messages to her videos. She reminds her viewers that they are bright, strong, confident people. Olivia Kissper Hand MovementsIt’s a two-for-one special with her videos.

There is not a whole lot for me to say about her. What you need to do is watch. I am going to link her video channel here along with a couple of my favorite videos. I hope you all enjoy!


YouTube Channel – Olivia’s Kissper ASMR
Facebook Page – Olivia’s Kissper ASMR
Website – Feel More ASMR

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#ManCrushMonday – Elon Musk

I am always open to suggestions so when Sylar’s dad said I should do #ManCrushMonday on Elon Musk I immediately replied, “Who’s that?”

SD explained that he was the guy who owned Tesla Motors and was basically revolutionizing the world. I was familiar with Tesla Motors because SD has said for a long time that a Tesla is his dream car.

Tesla Car

However, the company was fresh on my mind because the morning before it was being discussed on the public radio station that plays while I get Sylar dressed. They were discussing the fact that we have access to large amounts of energy, but no batteries that provide adequate storage and that Tesla had provided a battery that could. That was the gist I caught before running out the door with Sylar.

I agreed that Elon would make a great #ManCrushMonday representative sight unseen. As I have said before, looks are generally not the most important thing to me. However, when I Googled him this is the first picture I saw:

Elon Musk Smiling

Look at him! He’s actually a young(ish), attractive man! I had no idea. I was expecting someone much older than 43. Through my research I found out he is the Canadian-American son of a model and an electrical/mechanical engineer. Seriously?? If this is the result, then that combination needs to be replicated with other models and geniuses to see what all we can get.

I ended up watching the video of him debuting the Tesla Powerwall which is the battery that I heard about on the morning show. I found it amusing, educational, and entertaining. When I think of great speakers, I think of people who rarely if ever say, “Um,” or rarely stutter and who generally ignores the crowd. Elon Musk is a completely different kind of speaker. He is engaging with the audience and speaks to their level. See for yourself. (By the way, the opening music is kick ass and lets you know that you are about to see something amazing!)

This is a man who wants to make a better world. He wants to bring power to people who have never been able to have it before. Think about all the things we take for granted that remote villages without electricity don’t have. Heat, air, basic sanitation, the ability to access medical care quickly. It’s the ability to bring countries out of the third-world rating. Even on the scale of just thinking about it here at home, in the US, in an everyday person’s home, think about the money you would save on electricity! It’s a $3500 investment (not including the solar panels and set up) that will change your world.

I don’t know if he is just that good of a speaker/marketer or what, but by the end of that video I couldn’t imagine why anyone would not want to follow him down the path to world preservation.

Now, since this is #ManCrushMonday there are some things I should point out. Ladies, this man is newly single. He split from his second wife for the second Elon Musk Sexytime at the end of last year/beginning of this year. I had noted as I was watching the video that there was no ring on his finger. I mentioned that to SD who said he was sure that the man was married. Well, he was…but he’s not now. Also, if you’re the kind of woman who cares about that kind of thing, he has money…LOTS and LOTS of it. You could try to count it by hundreds and you would fall asleep before you ever finished. He is a billionaire almost a dozen times over. Oh, and by the way, he owns a company called Space X which works in space exploration and one day hopes to colonize Mars. If you ever wanted to vacay in Space, this may be the guy to get to know.

Elon Musk Is Tony StarkLast point of interest, how many of you are head over heels for Tony Stark? If you don’t know who that is then you really need to spend some time geeking up. The character of Tony Stark, played by Robert Downy Jr in the Iron Man movies, is actually based upon Elon Musk. When they needed to know how a young billionaire genius acted, they decided might as well meet one and see. That’s exactly what happened. Pretty cool, huh?

Of course he is a busy boy what with all his companies to run and the future of humanity to save so getting him to yourself for dinner might be tough. In a 2012 interview with Business Week, Elon stated that he wished he had more time for dating and guessed at 10 hours a week as an appropriate amount of time to spend with a potential significant other.

There is so much that has been written about this man already. If you want to know more, I suggest checking out the Wikipedia for Elon or just Google him and see all the amazing stories about what he has accomplished. Elon Musk is definitely a man you should know and admire.

TESLA IPO Elon And Tesla CarElon Musk Posing

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Relaxing Woman

ASMR – Trick Your Body Into Relaxing

Today I am going to discuss something that has been in existence as long as humans have, but has only been noted and talked about in earnest in the last 8 years.

Happy QuoteYou know that feeling you get when someone plays with your hair or lightly touches your skin? You start feeling pleasurable, relaxing tingles. That is called ASMR – autonomous sensory meridian response.

Not everyone experiences it, but it seems that the majority of people do. Most people know what I’m talking about when I mention tingles from someone playing with my hair. However, even those who do not experience the tingles have noted the benefits of partaking in things meant to trigger ASMR.

Tricking The Brain

Right about now, you’re probably wondering what any of this has to do with tricking your body into relaxing. Let me explain.

In your brain, you have some neurons that are referred to as “mirror neurons.” According to Wikipedia, “A mirror neuron is a neuron that fneuronas_espejo1ires when an animal acts and when the animals observes the same action performed by another.” Very little is scientifically conclusive about mirror neurons and there is even less known about ASMR. However, the ASMR community believes that when watching something relaxing happen to another person, such as a scalp massage or back massage, our mirror neurons start firing and we can feel the benefits of the relaxation.

It is true that it is not as good as going to a masseuse, but who has the money to do that all the time?

I can sense your questions. “Where can you even see massages though? Isn’t that kind of weird to watch someone else get massaged?”

It would be weird to be in the same room with someone getting a massage. Lucky for you the ASMR community is large, varied, and very active on YouTubeDemetri Massage. Videos are made showing massages taking place. The great thing about ASMR videos is that they use binaural recording, high quality audio recorders. By wearing earbuds while watching you become completely immersed in the experience. It’s one thing to see a massage, but when coupled with the sounds it makes those neurons fire even more, making that connection with the feeling of relaxation more intense.

About ASMR Types

I do want to take a minute to explain a little more about ASMR. As I said, it’s the feeling you get when someone plays with your hair. However, that is just one trigger. There are hundreds of triggers and not all have to do with seeing someone massaged. There are sounds that can cause that tingly feeling, as well. Tapping, scratching, clicking, and the one thing you will hear in almost any ASMR video, whispering. All “ASMRtists” whisper or talk softly in their videos. That is no different then going into a spa. To elicit a calm and relaxed response, spa staff will speak to you in a soothing and soft voice. Sounds triggers are also a good example of one trigger working for one person, but causing another annoyance. Two sounds that are common in some videos is tapping and crinkling. I enjoy tapping sounds, but oh, how I HATE crinkling sounds!

There are also ASMR roleplays. Rather than seeing something happen to someone else, the ASMRtist acts as if they are speaking and interacting with you. These are actually a lot of fun! There are many doctor roleplays, salon roleplays, and make up roleplays. I have seen some incredibly creative ones, as well though. It’s amazing how the ASMRtist can incorporate triggers into unusual situations.

A Warning

woman asleep in front of laptopA warning about these videos though, you may fall asleep while watching them. They are truly that relaxing and many sufferers of insomnia have found respite in watching ASMR videos to help them sleep. There was one video that worked wonders on me. I enjoyed it very much, but I never made it to the end of the video. Four times I tried to watch this video until the end, but I fell asleep every time. I can’t tell you how many times I have been relaxing to a video, only to wake up later to a blank computer or phone screen. If it happens during the day, I can be a bit groggy at first, but after getting past that I am refreshed and focused.

I will probably touch on the subject of ASMR more in the future, but I will leave it at this for now. I don’t want to overwhelm you with information. It’s good for you to just get out there on YouTube and explore it. I have included various links to videos throughout the page. By going from video to video you may find what you like best. That’s what happened to me!

I had stumbled across a massage video and I realized as I was watching it that it was causing me to relax as well. I went Googling to see if that was normal and many people stated experiencing the same thing. The video I was on linked to another video that was titled WOW, this sounds like your hair is being TOUCHED! Binaural ASMR hair play, brushing and massage. From that moment on, I was sold.

Have you ever experienced ASMR without knowing what it was? If you checked out some videos for the first times, which ones did you like?

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