Rape fantasies

Rape Fantasies – Am I A Psychopath?

Supernatural had it’s season finale this past Wednesday. It’s only been three days, but it seems like a week. I don’t know why. Regardless, I am trying to pull myself out of my Supernatural addiction and watch things that don’t relate to it somehow. I have a Netflix queue a mile long that I should really get to.

On Netflix though, it brought up the “Watch Again” section and in thatKarla Movie section was Karla. This movie is based on the real-life story of Karla Homolka and Paul Bernado, aka “The Ken and Barbie Killers.” The first time I watched it was before I knew of Misha Collins, who played Paul. The movie left me feeling disconcerted due to the attraction to the rapist. Once I went through all of Supernatural and fell in love with Misha it made a lot more sense to me when I realized it had been him in the movie.

How could anyone not be attracted to this man?Misha

I decided watching something with one of my favorite Supernatural actors would be a good way to ease myself back into watching other things. (Don’t scoff!) Watching it this time, I was more cognizant of certain things than I was the first time around. First of all, Misha’s acting was amazing. He nailed all the little aspects of the personality disorder(s) of Paul and portraying lust and excitement while acting out a situation most consider reprehensible. It becomes one of those situations where you actually forget that you are watching an actor, which is both wonderful and terrifying, as well.


This article is not about the movie though. Nor is it about my personal thoughts about the case (I think Karla killed the girls). It is about what many women do not like to talk about – rape fantasies.

I mentioned in the post “‘K’ Is For Kinky” that I consider myself kinky because I wish to be dominated by a man. I’m a natural sub.

“I want to be with a man who can push me against the wall and kiss me until I lose my wits before throwing me down on the bed, tying me up, and torturing me with pleasure until I’m begging for release.”

Studies have shown that more than 90% of women admitted to fantasizing and of that, two-thirds admitted to forced or rape fantasies. It is thought that the percentage could be higher due to some women feeling guilt or shame 248cf61eb24aa9bd51a3b9766f762026about such fantasies and therefore not admitting to them. I will stand as a representative for women who have had the fantasy. Yes, I would fall into the category of having forced/rape fantasies. Under no circumstance does this mean I want to be forced into sex or raped. Often times with women, these fantasies have no basis in real life aside from the fact that it is started with non-consensual sexual activity. More often they just want to experience rough sex.

That is what makes watching something like Karla especially difficult to view. By all accounts, Paul was an attractive man so being played by the gorgeous Misha Collins is an accurate representation in that aspect. Fact set one is: we have an attractive, alpha male, who is incredibly charming, asserting his dominance. Females are biologically programmed to be drawn to dominant men.PaulGifThis is the type of man that would feature in a rape fantasy. Add that you are seeing him engage in rough sex. Sexual fantasies, including rape fantasies, cause arousal so to see this man handcuffing his willing girlfriend and having sex with her or later where she is bound and gagged during sex can be arousing. Based solely on that information, hell yeah, that is this the kind of guy I would like to be with. Note also, the scenes discussed here are with an of age woman. Also, the second scene was a dom and sub situation, a dom punishing his sub for her actions. Many women express a curiosity about dom/sub play in the bedroom.

The Real Paul Bernardo
The Real Paul Bernardo

Then we also have fact set two: this man is kidnapping and raping young girls, causing them immense physical, psychological, and emotional trauma. In this movie, he is also portrayed as physically abusive to his wife. We know those things are wrong and, with the exception of the few, those are generally things that would make a woman cross a man off her potential significant other list.

The existence of the second set of facts makes a woman feel very awkward about the first set. How can I be attracted to that kind of man? Does this make me a horrible person? Am I a psychopath? What would I have done in these situations? Karla was attracted to him. Am I like her?

I was experiencing those thoughts, wondering what the hell was wrong with me. It took a lot of thought to come to this realization that it is all about acknowledging that there are separate aspects of the situation and of the person. Being submissive and catering to a man in a sexual setting is a turn on for me. The rape of young girls is not. Just because they are being done by the same person does not mean you accept both things.

keep-calm-and-hate-coconut-2I like chocolate cake, but I hate coconut. Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to see a German Chocolate Cake? They look so delicious! Just like the chocolate cake I love, but I cannot condone the use of coconut in chocolaty treats. See. That is a rational decision. You are capable of being rational and stepping away from something that appears good, but has too much bad in it.

These are completely normal feelings and you are not a psychopath. I mean, you might be. I don’t really know you that well, but these thoughts and feelings alone do not a psychopath make. It is important to understand that biological desires and even desired kinks can be packaged with horrible things. That does not mean you condone the horrible things. Unless, like Karla, you stay anyway and/or encourage the bad behavior.

It’s a war of the brain to accept that you find someone and some of their Reaction-Pic---Run-bitch-runactions exciting/arousing/what have you, but that you do not agree with another set of their actions. When it comes down to real-life, most women when faced with finding out the man they love is a rapist, would turn tail and run straight to the police (which by the way is the right thing to do). Don’t walk. Run.

Don’t be afraid of your fantasies and don’t be ashamed by them. They do not mean there is anything abnormal about you. Fantasies are an escape from rationality; they don’t remove rational reasoning from you. You are still an amazing human being who just happens to have an intriguing imagination and a curiosity about not being in control. I would say that is a healthy curiosity.


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#Supernatural – Season Finale – Alpha and Omega

“Alpha and Omega” was a giant ball of confusion for me. I wish I even knew where to start with this, but I really don’t. I feel like a season finale should end in one of two ways:

  1. Happy Ending
    Think Arrow season 3 finale. Oliver and Felicity driving off into the sunset. General fandom reaction – “Aww! They get to be happy!” {sniffle} “That’s not gonna last though. Shit’s about to go down! Woo!”
  2. Scary Cliffhanger
    Think Supernatural season 10 finale. We see the Darkness emerge and swallow the Impala. General fandom reaction – “Shit’s going down! Woo!”

I honestly have come to expect the second one from Supernatural, but it did seem to be leaning toward the first option as the episode unfolded. However, I experienced neither. The credits showed and this was me:



I just sat there, staring at the TV, like maybe the show would come back on and say, “Just kidding! Here’s the real ending!” But that did not happen. Life went on. I had too any questions.

Where did the British chippy send Cas? Where is Lucifer? Why didn’t Chuck and Amara zap Dean back to Sam and Cas so they would know Dean was okay? Mary is back? What the fuck is this? Why didn’t Cas talk to Chuck? LokiWhy didn’t Chuck speak to him and tell him he was doing good? This angel has been spiraling in shame, guilt, and self-loathing (a lot of which was brought on by Dean’s treatment of him when he makes decisions that are not in line with Dean’s ideas). He’s going to end up like Loki at the end of Dogma, drunk with his wings cut off. He will be lamenting about having failed his father, failed Dean, how he was not capable of being loved.

Sorry. Got sidetracked there.

Also, this episode caused me to feel something that I have never felt from a television show. I felt personally hurt.

By what?

The “no homo bro” talk in the car. Yes, I ship Destiel, but I don’t need a full-on make out session to happen. I just want to see an acknowledgement of what exists there. It was like a complete one-eighty from Dean. He spent most of this season worrying about Cas. They finally get him back and the only thing he can think to say is, “You’re our brother.”



Screw that! So is Adam and look what happened to him! Being your brother is not a big win.

I don’t know if Misha was told to play that disappointed, but it sure looked like Cas was not overjoyed by Dean’s sentiment.


It seems like Destiel was dangled in front of us and then, once we were all leaning in close to the television in anticipation of any tiny bit of happy for Cas and Dean, the writers reached through the screen and slapped us all in the face, hard, and then called us morons on top of it. Then they said our dog is ugly and spit on the floor as they were pulling back into the television. Those bastards.

Vegas is super-cute!


Anyway, it just seems very unfair to us, to Misha, to Castiel, to the story. Whatever.

I do like the fact that we are getting back to basics. We’ve reached the pinnacle with theology so it’s time to head back to deal with the worst kind of monsters – humans. That should be awesome AF! Humans are unpredictable. Remember when they got attacked by the Deliverance family? That was a really good episode. I would love to see more of that.

Season 12 seems so far away, but I look forward to the new story-line and characters it will bring. Carry on, my wayward son!

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June Challenges

Challenges for June! I posted a video on YouTube (see below) about a couple month-long challenges I will be doing for June, one for happiness and one for planking. See the information for these in the images below. Clicking on the plank info will take you the site where they will show you how to do a proper plank position. Always remember to be safe.

I will be posting updates along the way. Let me know in the comments if you will join and update me on your progress! Have fun!

Here is the information in case you want to join in the challenges!
Happiness Challenges28 Day Plank

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Fear-mongering In The Social Age

Nader on fearFear-mongering pisses me off to no end and it’s far too easy to do in this age of social media, where sharing with hundreds of people is as easy as pressing a button. I have seen countless memes and quote images come through my Facebook feed full of hatred and lies. What’s sad is that the majority of the people who share these are doing so because they believe the lies and have latched onto a fear that has been perpetuated by the media. They are generally good people, but sadly, they live with a sheep mentality. “If I’m told it’s scary, then I must be scared of it. If others are scared, then I must be scared, too.”

Lately, most of this has been in response to the transgender bathroom debate. Honestly, it is the stupidest division that has ever existed in our country. It’s the reason our country is no longer the greatest in the world. Hatred is bred and flamed and then elected to office. If hate was’t prevalent in this country, Donald Trump would not be the presumptive nominee for the Republican party.

pugf5 (1)What made me take a stand against fear-mongering though was the hatred of Muslims. I have heard many times “Muslims are trying to change our laws!” Where? What laws? What changes are they trying to incite? Are they US citizens? Are they going through proper legal channels to work on having a law changed?

The people who blindly share these things cannot answer these questions. That is the situation of “fearI was told this is scary so I am scared and warning others to be scared, too.” STOP IT! We have nothing to fear, but fear itself and you are letting it eat you alive and spreading it like a disease. Use that brain that you think God put in your head and LEARN.

I went on a Facebook rant based off what one person said on a friend’s post. The gist of what she said was, “Their religion says they have to kill infidels, those who don’t believe what they do. That’s what they have to do to go to heaven. They are going to kill us. We should fear them.”

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? People cherry-pick from the Quran, pulling passages of out of context in order to demonize the Islamic faith. (By the way, these are the same people who cherry-pick from the Bible to demonize gays.) Killing an innocent person is forbidden by the Islamic faith. Note that “innocent person” part because it is okay to kill those who try to repress the people and their faith. However, that is no more widely practiced than animal sacrifice is by Christians.

Saying, “We should fear them,” is the most literal example of fear-mongering. This person is scared because she has been given the wrong information and she’s too much of a sheep to investigate the truth of what she has been told. She fears what she does not understand, which is how most of the world is. Then she spreads the poison to others. Please learn to question! Demand facts!


One of the big reasons people are spreading fear of Muslims is because of ISIS. However, the Muslim faith as a whole has denounced the actions of ISIS and ISIS itself does not follow the belief system as it is set out. This means people are judging an entire religion based on the horrible actions of one insane, off-shoot group of said religion. I have one argument for these people.

If a rWestboro-Church-x400eligion is to be judged and feared based on the actions of the absolute ethically worst and smallest sect of said religion, then Christianity should be shut the fuck down based on the Westboro Baptist Church. Yep. They incite hate and violence and are considered completely reprehensible by the general population (including the KKK; when one hate group hates another hate group you know it’s bad), but they are Christians. If a Christian does not want their faith represented and judged based on the WBC, then they should not be judging Muslims based on ISIS. Keep that in mind.

Fear-mongering has got to stop, but it takes each and every person doing their due diligence when information is presented to them. Do not believe something just because it was shared on Facebook. It takes less than a minute to do a Google search and learn whether something is true or not. Learning to ignore the lies and spread kindness is the only way we can truly “make America great again.”


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The First Message In Online Dating

My look into online dating for the “OKCupid For the Polyamorous” was eye-opening to say the least and it made me want to hand out some advice for when you first message someone. Most of this is for guys, but anyone can take heed.

Don’t reach out to someone with a message that says any of these below or any variation of them:

  • Hi
  • Hey
  • Hey, what’s up?
  • What’s up, sexy?
  • How you doing, gorgeous?
  • Let’s fuck.

The are a few reasons I say don’t do this. First reason is because there are dozen other guys sending the EXACT SAME SHORT MESSAGE! This means you are not original and not putting forth the effort to grab the other person’s attention. Secondly, while compliments are nice, starting off mentioning something a person wrote in their profile is a much higher compliment than saying “gorgeous” or “sexy.” It shows that you cared enough to read what they had to say. The last one should just be obvious. “Let’s fuck.” Seriously? No. Go fuck yourself.


Do be creative in an initial message. The easiest way to do this is to READ THE PERSON’S PROFILE FIRST! I was very specific in my profile about what I was looking for. VERY specific. The amount of people who contacted me who A) had no idea what poly was, B) wanted to meet me, C) thought me being bi and poly meant I fuck anybody, or D) any combination of A, B, and C was unreal. I would say at least 90% of the people who attempted to contact me did not read my profile.

Read what the other person has to say. You may learn right off that this is not a great match. You could also learn that the person likes caramel apples and you happen to know where to get the best caramel apples in giant-caramel-applesthe world. Tell the other person!

“If you really like caramel apples, you should try the Chocolate Monkey. They have the best and there are so many toppings you can choose from!”

That right there is awesome. If I liked caramel apples, I would talk to the person who sent me that. For the record though, I do not like caramel apples.

Do use proper grammar and spell to the best of your ability. This could have gone under the initial message part, but I felt it needed its own piece.

“Wuz up girl. U is lookin fin! We shud chat!!!!1!”

That is just absurd. You KNOW that is not correct! Writing it now, I can see the squiggly red lines under the misspelled words so I know you can, too, when you write them.

psychoI do give a little in regards to spelling as not everyone everywhere had the same education. Punctuation issues drive me nuts though and there is nothing I can do about that. I can’t decide which is worse though, incorrect punctuation or no punctuation at all.

Lastly, if you make it past all that, for the love of all that is good in this world, PLEASE be capable of talking about something other than sex. Out of all the three people I friended outside of the OKC world, only one of them I still like. (Shoutout to @Oldhound31b!) The other two quickly lost my friendship by pushing for sex talk.

In conclusion, learn about a person, be creative when you message them, use proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar, and have go-to-topics that don’t involve sex.

May the odds be ever in your favor.


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#KindnessIsContagious – Spread Kindness

This is a HUGE deal to me. Every single person is capable of bringing goodness and kindness into the world. And it really only takes little things! A smile. A compliment. Picking up something someone dropped. Ask someone how their day was.


We all need to make the decision to be kind. Decide to not be a dick. I actually caught myself while in line at a store. It was particularly busy and I had been waiting a while. I was next in line when this older woman walked up and held a bag and a dollar up for the cashier to see. The cashier nodded and continued with the transaction she was already in. At first, this annoyed me. Why should this woman get to jump in line in front of myself and all the people behind me who had waited so patiently? I stood there irritated, but then I realized that was a really stupid thing to be annoyed about. This was an older woman so maybe she couldn’t stay on her feet for very long. She was only getting a bag and already had her money out. The fact that she was getting a reusable bag was good for the environment. I had nowhere to be and even if I did losing a minute for her to get that bag wouldn’t be a huge alteration to my ETA. As I was thinking all this, the woman caught my eye and said, “I’m so sorry. I hope you don’t mind.” I smiled at her and said, “Not at all, sweetie. You go right ahead.” She smiled and thanked me as she stepped up to the cashier to pay for the bag and then thanked me again as she walked away. Myself, the woman, and the cashier were all able to go on happily and content. That’s a far better situation, don’t you think?

I know it was not a big, world-changing thing, but it was kindness to one person. I found this and I think it’s a great goal:


Studies have shown that giving kindness to one person can cause that person to display kindness to others. Therefore, you would be changing more than 365 lives. That’s 365 people who are going to kind to others. Then the others will pass on the kindness. It grows exponentially!

Don’t forget the old adage of “you reap what you sow.” Put good into the world and you will get good back. Also, helping others causes improvements in the helping person’s physical and psychological well-being. That’s right! Being kind is good for your health!

Kindness is contagious! Share it with everyone!

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OKCupid For the Polyamorous

OKCupid was a big topic recently due tookcupid-polyamorous-relationships allowing polyamorous partners to link their profiles (unfortunately to only one other partner, but it’s a start) which, while not making poly dating easier, it at least allows a level of transparency.

I was curious about this and since I don’t have many poly friends I decided to see how OKCupid would be for finding like-minded people.

Being a single, moderately attractive woman, I have received a ridiculous amount of visits, likes, and replies. If nothing else, it’s good for my ego. Horrible for my time-management skills. I have a lot to do during the day and just replying to people was taking up a huge chunk of my day.

I specifically put in my profile that I was looking for online friends only, that were either poly or had an interest in one of the fandoms I enjoy. A lot of non-poly men messaged me. Ninety percent of them had no interest in the fandoms and wanted to meet me in person. This in general really soured me on the site and all dating sites in general. And then there was this guy:



I did meet a few cool people. Some were poly. Some were into fandoms. I think there was only one that was both. I met a few unicorn hunters (straight man and bi woman couple looking for a single bi woman) and they were all nice. I asked them how they felt about finding other people on OKC and they all said it was not easy. More often than not, it was a bust. This contrasted with a single poly man who said it was easy. However, after talking to him more I got the feeling that he was using “poly” to mean “fucking random people” so I’m not sure how much credit I give him.

While OKCupid got a lot of hype for being a great place for poly dating, I have to disagree. I think contacting a local group would be far easier as people in the group generally understand what poly is and isn’t.

Have you used OKCupid? What was your experience?

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#Supernatural – Can Bi God Pull Dean Out Of The Closet?

This discusses Supernatural episode 11×20 so spoilers are within.

If you know me at all, you know I have a fondness for the television show Supernatural. Okay, fondness may be putting it mildly. I am an obsessed, card-carrying member of the fandom. However, I try to keep my fangirling on the inside so as not to seem completely insane to normal society.

Anyway, this past Wednesday’s episode has really whipped the fandom into a frenzy. It was revealed that God (aka Chuck Shurley, aka Carver Edlund) has been slumming it here on Earth with us humans and having a great time. He made a blog full of cat-pictures, learned to play guitar, wrote a lot. None of that was what exploded the internet. Here. I will let you see for youself

Yep. God is bi.

I mean, if we stick with “he’s a celestial being” then he’s neither really a man or woman so he’s not so much bi…perhaps pan? But as Chuck, he is a man who had relationships with other men.

This episode follows directly on the heels of “The Chitters” which features a pair or male hunters who were lovers.

So now the fandom is all asking the same question –

Why the hell is Destiel not canon??? Hunters can be gay and god is bi! When will Dean FINALLY admit he is bi?

In case you have lived under a rock, Destiel is the pairing of hunter Dean and angel Castiel. It has been being shipped since the day “Lazarus Rising” aired in 2008. It’s completely understandable. It doesn’t take much to believe Dean is bisexual and the relationship between Cas and Dean…well, if you truly believe it’s strictly a bromance then you are purposely blinding yourself to what the writers and actors have shown.

Unfortunately, the show has been accused (and rightfully so) of “queer-baiting,” a term meaning the show is perpetuating this idea of a queer couple, but with no intention of ever making it canon (an officially accepted part of the story). So Destiel has never been official. It has only lived in the minds of fans worldwide.

This turn of showing a male gay couple and then showing God as being bi has left many wondering…could this be part of the build-up to the acceptance of Destiel? With Dean being exposed to this kind of information, he could finally feel comfortable enough to admit his feelings for Cas. I think we’re all expecting at least a kiss once Lucifer is expelled from Cas’s body. Goodness knows, Cas is the only thing Dean has cared about since he found out Lucifer was in him.

This Tumblr post from cpn-america explains it well!

Cas or Case


There is no way to know for sure, at least on our end, but I am still hopeful. For me, it’s not about two attractive men kissing and it’s not about bisexual representation on television. It fits the damn story line! There is no other way to interpret the reactions Dean has, no other way to interpret the stares, the physical closeness, the chosen words.

Guess there is no other option, but just waiting with hopeful anticipation.

Cover photo by Supernatural1019 on deviantART.

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Coming Out As Bisexual

Awesome SexualI happened across a video on YouTube of a girl who was telling her story about coming out as bi. As she prefaced the video with what she planned on talking about she was becoming emotional. Listening to her story, I understood a bit. I checked out some other videos of people telling their “coming out as bi” stories and it always seemed to be this big emotional thing.

This made me wonder if I came out “wrong” somehow. It was never this life-changing realization and I was never scared or especially worried about how anyone would react. It wasn’t super emotional. Well, not for me anyway.

I had thought about making a video of my own, but after watching so many I decided my coming out was not something that should be viewed in the same kind of light. The other stories involve staying strong. Mine just involves talking like it was any other subject.

I mentioned Molly and Mark in other posts. They were the couple that inadvertently made meUnicorn-Pride! realize I was bi and then introduced me to polyamory. They were technically the first people to know and it wasn’t really a coming out situation. My interest in even meeting them and me mentioning an interest in bisexuality was enough to make it so. Hence us becoming a triad. I was going to have to come out as both bi and poly at the same time.

Yep, I’m a fricking unicorn. ————————————>

I knew I was going to have to tell my mom, but it wasn’t anything I stressed over. She had always said, “If you were gay I would still love you, but I’m really glad you’re not.” I did expect her to be upset and tell me I was going to hell, but I was just really at peace with myself and knew that wouldn’t bother me. In way of telling her, I explained Molly and Mark and the type of relationship they were looking for with me. My mom laughed and said, “Well, I guess that’s too bad for them then, huh?” That’s when I said, “Actually, I agreed to it.”

a05588adda18a844c6bb22e05af05a7eShe looked a little upset. I could see her mind trying to make sense of what I had just said. Finally, she said, “So you’re…?” I answered, “Yes, I’m bi.” At this point, she seemed amused though I knew it was just a facade. I believe she was hoping I was playing a joke on her or that what I was doing was just a phase I would grow out of. But she never yelled about it, never talked down to me, and was happy that I felt comfortable enough to tell her.

The man who fathered me is not in my life so no issues there. Next was my best friend. She absolutely cracked me up. I explained the situation between myself, Molly, and Mark and she sat there staring at me blankly the whole time. When I finished, she continued to stare at me for a moment and then goes, “Anyway, I ended up talking to…” and she just went on with her story. I smiled and turned back to some papers I had been working on when she walked in. That was all there was to it.

Telling people at work was the only thing that made me nervous. Simply because I didn’t know how many would take it. My brilliant way of doing so was just to act like it was not a big deal. I brought Mark, Molly, and the kids to my place of employment and when asked who they were, I simply said, “Girlfriend, boyfriend, children,” while pointing at each respectively. There were multiple people standing there when I said it and the person who had asked assumed I meant they were dating and the kids were theirs. Others caught on and asked me about it later and I answered truthfully. The fact that I answered honestly kind of surprised them, but I think the fact that it was a poly relationship was more interesting than the fact that I was bi.BadAss

My mom told my Grandparents which I wished she wouldn’t have. There was no reason in my mind for them to know. They were very old-fashioned. However, mom didn’t want them to find out some other way (yes, because all my friends regularly talk to my grandparents who lived three states away {rolling eyes}). The first time I visited after that was after Molly, Mark, and I had broken up and I completely forgot that mom had mentioned it. So my Grandma asked, “So Crystal, do you have a boyfriend?” It was a standard question and I replied with a “nope.” She then got this really haughty, annoyed look on her face and said, “A girlfriend?” I was so surprised that she asked and I just started laughing as I said no and she responded with a huffy, “Well, I didn’t know.” It was amusing and oddly enough one of my favorite memories of my Grandma. It was nice to know she accepted me.

After that, it was just a change of my Myspace sexuality (yep, this was way back then) and then it was just a part of who I am. For me, telling someone I am bi is no different than telling them I have red hair, that I’m a dog-person, or that I’m a huge Supernatural and Arrow fan. It’s just me.

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Creepy Sylar And The Supernatural

Sylar has taken to watching some of the paranormal shows that my mom and I like. He isn’t scared by what he sees so I have no problem allowing it. However, it has led to him making some odd observations. Here’s a couple examples.

After seeing a clip of a young girl being drug by the ankle by an invisible demon on The Haunting, Sylar has some ideas about why she had been grabbed.

Sylar: Maybe someone wanted her shoe.
Me: Maybe.
Sylar: Or maybe someone wanted her blood for a drink.
Me: ….








Watching an old Supernatural episode on Netflix where they kill a female baddie. She starts glowing.

Me: Maybe she’ll explode. {She just starts melting and falls over.}
Sylar: Did she explode?
Me: No. She just melted and died.
Sylar: Oh. I wanted to see her explode.
Me: Did you want to see someone explode?
Sylar: {excitedly} Yeah!
Me: {goes back a few episodes, plays Lucifer exploding Castiel}
Sylar: Whoa! He exploded! That was cool!


That’s my boy! Haha!

Has your children ever said anything a bit creepy? Tell me in the comments!


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