Protection for Others Is Not Assault

I was reading an article and came across this line spoken by Robert Katz, a law professor at Indiana University’s Robert H. McKinney School of Law:

“The law came as part of a larger attempt by people who felt under assault by growing legal protections of same sex couples.”

I’m not going to talk about the article (though I will include a source at the bottom of the page for those interested). I am not going to discuss Mr. Katz or the law mentioned. It is that single line that made me stop going through the article and read it again. I mean REALLY look at it.


What the law states is irrelevant. The fact that it’s a law is irrelevant. Replace the words, “The law,” with”The Death Ray” or “The puppy” and it would still be in regards to what I want to say. What made me slam my water back on the nightstand and start writing this, despite my killer headache is this part:

“…people who felt under assault…”

Just in case anyone is unaware, “under assault” means “being attacked.” People who are attacked are victims. Therefore, there were people who felt victimized, but by what?

“…by growing legal protections of same sex couples.”

Same sex couples were being denied rights that all people of this nation are supposed to have. They were suppressed. They were victims. In order to stop them being victimized and allow for them to be treated like anyone else, laws were put into place to protect their rights, to make sure others could not discriminate against them or deny them their constitutional rights as Americans, based on their sexuality.

Now, here it is…the protection given to those people made other people feel attacked. Think about that! Let’s use an example! Have you ever watched MythBusters?



The show was set-up to test myths and either prove them as true or debunk them, all in the name of science. Sometimes these tests were extremely dangerous and involved blowing things up or the potential for things to explode. In those instances, extreme precaution was taken and the guys always took shelter. The thing explodes and they were safe behind their little set-up.

mythbusters-summer-2011-pictures6Who was affected by the act of the men taking shelter? Themselves. They were able to not be blown to smithereens. This also affected those who cared for them because it’s always devastating to lose someone you care about.

Did anyone ever watch the show and say, “Hey! These guys are safe! What the hell? I feel personally victimized by their desire to not be blown to smithereens, despite sharing that desire for myself, as well!”

Tell me you hear the stupid in that! The hypocrisy, the narcissism, the selfishness, the self-righteousness. All overwhelming.

If I am standing there with a shield and someone else gets a shield, too, I cannot imagine feeling attacked by that person getting the same protection I have.

If you are one of the people who feel that way, get off your AMERICA-FUCK-YEAH!-T-Shirtsdamn high horse, you pretentious asshole. You are not special. You don’t get too deny others the same rights you have just because you want to hold onto some outdated idea that there are people who are lesser than you. In America, we all get the same rights regardless of anything.

End of story.


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Kindergarten Begins

It is finally here. My little boy has started Kindergarten. We just finished up his fourth day.

FirstDayOfKingergarten FirstDayOfKingergarten2

This is a very new situation for both of us. Neither of us are very interested in getting up early. However, that slowly seems to be working itself out. The first two days Sylar was up at the exact same time I was. The two days after he wanted to sleep. Luckily, I am good at waking him up in a sweet or funny way so there is no fighting. Only giggles and hugs.

I walk him into his classroom each day. Once he gets more comfortable in the school, I will walk him to the gate to the hallway and let him go on his own to the classroom…maybe. If I can do it. It was hard enough to drop him off on the first day. It goes against EVERYTHING you know as a mom. Take your child to a strange building, full of strange people, and just leave him there. Logically, you know it’s school and he is fine, but it makes the mom instincts hurt.

At school, he gets a free breakfast and free lunch which I think is awesome. I remember having to pay for lunch and milk and whatever all my school-life. It’s part of a program that the school participates in. All the kids get breakfast and lunch at no cost. Sylar loves this, though he was not happy the day he wanted an egg sandwich, but the girl in front of him got the last one.

HateThatBitchAs far as friends go, I know there is one girl he gets along with because she likes Minecraft and he said she is beautiful. I also know there is a girl he doesn’t like because she colored red and green on his picture of candy. He hasn’t been able to tell me any names yet other than his teacher’s. All we know is there is “the beautiful girl” and “the bad girl.”

School pick up is crazy. It runs like a well-oiled machine, but if you don’t want your kid to sit in school forever, you have to get there very early. The first two days I arrived after 2pm and we had a long wait. The third day I arrived 1:52 and I STILL had a long wait. I made the decision to show up today at 1pm and see when most people started showing up. By 2pm, the line was not as near as long as it had been the day before or even the days I had gotten there after 2. There was one person in front of me in the pick up line. They had pulled in right before I did. Most of the people behind me showed up by half past one. So I have learned. If I don’t want to keep Sylar waiting in the classroom, I have to get there by 1:30 and all should be good. Now to figure out what to do for 90 minutes in a hot car 5 times a week.


What do you do to kill time in the pick up line? How have your kids been dealing with the new school year? Let me know in the comments!

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