Trinessa Birth Control

Trinessa is a triphasic form of birth control pill. Triphasic pills refers trinessato a pill set that contains three different dosages of the hormones estrogen and progestin (7 pills of each dose and 7 placebo pills).

During my time of trying to lose weight, I noticed there was a huge backslide every time I got my period. The week before it I would become ravenous and the week of I moved about only as necessary. I had an appointment coming up with my doctor for a follow up on some things. I decided to ask about ways to stop my period while I was there.

This is not the first time I have had this thought. If I could have my uterus removed, I would, but without a medical reason insurance would never cover it. Five years ago, my gyno said that since I did have symptoms of PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder) that they could make a case for removal, but only after trying birth control methods for at least 6 months. This led to my trying the shot, Depo-Provera. I loved that it was just a shot every three months and then no periods. However, it ended up having the opposite effect on me. I started bleeding all the time.


I was absolutely miserable and at the end of the first three month period, I wanted another option. We went with Yaz. It didn’t create a noticeable change. Random bleeding.  I was never able to get myself back in order so I ended up having to completely go off all options so my body could regulate itself. This of course ruined my chances then of getting a removal of the offending organ.

I told my new doc all this and she sat me up for an ultrasound to see if there was any reasongirls-on-their-period we could push for a removal and put me on Trinessa. I liked the fact that it had an up and down flow of the hormones somewhat like the body would naturally have. I found out after the fact that generally monophasic pills are better for skipping periods. I wanted to give it the old college try though. I started the pills on the first of August which was the first day after my period ended. My cycle runs longer than most at 35 days so I wasn’t set to have another period until September 4th.

It is now September 11th and there is still no period. Yay! Success! However, insurance is trying to kill me. I can’t get my next pack until the 15th and I only have enough pills to last until the 13th. This means I can either pay $33 for the pills or have a period. I am so excited that I haven’t yet had one though that I don’t want to ruin it. I also want to make sure I can go for an extended amount of time and have a period when I want rather than this just being a fluke.

periodontimeMy plan is thus – I normally take my pills at 10 pm every night. I am pushing the alarm forward 12 hours. I will have them at 10 am. This will give me a pill for tomorrow, the 13th, and the 14th. Then on the 15th, I will go pick up the next set of pills after I drop Sylar off at school. Part two of my plan is to call my doctor and asked to be placed on Lybrel which is designed to be taken 365 days a year without any placebos.

UPDATE (9/17): My doc did not prescribe Lybrel, but she did prescribe Seasonique. I will start that after my next pack of Trinessa which I picked up on the 15th. The pharmacist told me that insurance demanded I wait 25 days between refills. This sucks since there are only 21 days of normal pills, but makes me all the more happy that I will be switching to Seasonique.

I decided since I was going to have to wait to split the time in half. My last pill was on the 14th so it has been 74 hours since my last pill. I will begin the new pack tonight at my usual 10 pm time and then take 48-72 hours at the end before starting the Seasonique. I figured if I had to have a period, maybe doing it this way would make it lighter and not last as long. So far though, no bleeding. Here’s hoping it stays that way.

I wanted to write about this so other woman could know that Trinessafunny-girl-period-warning-favim-com-2344134 might be right for her if stopping her period is what she wanted. I want to stress that not every birth control is right for every woman. Each woman’s body is different. The levels of her hormones are different. What works for one, could make another very sick. Talk to you doctor and discuss your options. I am so happy to have the amazing doctor that I have. She listens and works to make me as healthy as possible.

What methods have you tried for stopping your period and what were the results? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook page.


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