Protection for Others Is Not Assault

I was reading an article and came across this line spoken by Robert Katz, a law professor at Indiana University’s Robert H. McKinney School of Law:

“The law came as part of a larger attempt by people who felt under assault by growing legal protections of same sex couples.”

I’m not going to talk about the article (though I will include a source at the bottom of the page for those interested). I am not going to discuss Mr. Katz or the law mentioned. It is that single line that made me stop going through the article and read it again. I mean REALLY look at it.


What the law states is irrelevant. The fact that it’s a law is irrelevant. Replace the words, “The law,” with”The Death Ray” or “The puppy” and it would still be in regards to what I want to say. What made me slam my water back on the nightstand and start writing this, despite my killer headache is this part:

“…people who felt under assault…”

Just in case anyone is unaware, “under assault” means “being attacked.” People who are attacked are victims. Therefore, there were people who felt victimized, but by what?

“…by growing legal protections of same sex couples.”

Same sex couples were being denied rights that all people of this nation are supposed to have. They were suppressed. They were victims. In order to stop them being victimized and allow for them to be treated like anyone else, laws were put into place to protect their rights, to make sure others could not discriminate against them or deny them their constitutional rights as Americans, based on their sexuality.

Now, here it is…the protection given to those people made other people feel attacked. Think about that! Let’s use an example! Have you ever watched MythBusters?



The show was set-up to test myths and either prove them as true or debunk them, all in the name of science. Sometimes these tests were extremely dangerous and involved blowing things up or the potential for things to explode. In those instances, extreme precaution was taken and the guys always took shelter. The thing explodes and they were safe behind their little set-up.

mythbusters-summer-2011-pictures6Who was affected by the act of the men taking shelter? Themselves. They were able to not be blown to smithereens. This also affected those who cared for them because it’s always devastating to lose someone you care about.

Did anyone ever watch the show and say, “Hey! These guys are safe! What the hell? I feel personally victimized by their desire to not be blown to smithereens, despite sharing that desire for myself, as well!”

Tell me you hear the stupid in that! The hypocrisy, the narcissism, the selfishness, the self-righteousness. All overwhelming.

If I am standing there with a shield and someone else gets a shield, too, I cannot imagine feeling attacked by that person getting the same protection I have.

If you are one of the people who feel that way, get off your AMERICA-FUCK-YEAH!-T-Shirtsdamn high horse, you pretentious asshole. You are not special. You don’t get too deny others the same rights you have just because you want to hold onto some outdated idea that there are people who are lesser than you. In America, we all get the same rights regardless of anything.

End of story.


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Fear-mongering In The Social Age

Nader on fearFear-mongering pisses me off to no end and it’s far too easy to do in this age of social media, where sharing with hundreds of people is as easy as pressing a button. I have seen countless memes and quote images come through my Facebook feed full of hatred and lies. What’s sad is that the majority of the people who share these are doing so because they believe the lies and have latched onto a fear that has been perpetuated by the media. They are generally good people, but sadly, they live with a sheep mentality. “If I’m told it’s scary, then I must be scared of it. If others are scared, then I must be scared, too.”

Lately, most of this has been in response to the transgender bathroom debate. Honestly, it is the stupidest division that has ever existed in our country. It’s the reason our country is no longer the greatest in the world. Hatred is bred and flamed and then elected to office. If hate was’t prevalent in this country, Donald Trump would not be the presumptive nominee for the Republican party.

pugf5 (1)What made me take a stand against fear-mongering though was the hatred of Muslims. I have heard many times “Muslims are trying to change our laws!” Where? What laws? What changes are they trying to incite? Are they US citizens? Are they going through proper legal channels to work on having a law changed?

The people who blindly share these things cannot answer these questions. That is the situation of “fearI was told this is scary so I am scared and warning others to be scared, too.” STOP IT! We have nothing to fear, but fear itself and you are letting it eat you alive and spreading it like a disease. Use that brain that you think God put in your head and LEARN.

I went on a Facebook rant based off what one person said on a friend’s post. The gist of what she said was, “Their religion says they have to kill infidels, those who don’t believe what they do. That’s what they have to do to go to heaven. They are going to kill us. We should fear them.”

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? People cherry-pick from the Quran, pulling passages of out of context in order to demonize the Islamic faith. (By the way, these are the same people who cherry-pick from the Bible to demonize gays.) Killing an innocent person is forbidden by the Islamic faith. Note that “innocent person” part because it is okay to kill those who try to repress the people and their faith. However, that is no more widely practiced than animal sacrifice is by Christians.

Saying, “We should fear them,” is the most literal example of fear-mongering. This person is scared because she has been given the wrong information and she’s too much of a sheep to investigate the truth of what she has been told. She fears what she does not understand, which is how most of the world is. Then she spreads the poison to others. Please learn to question! Demand facts!


One of the big reasons people are spreading fear of Muslims is because of ISIS. However, the Muslim faith as a whole has denounced the actions of ISIS and ISIS itself does not follow the belief system as it is set out. This means people are judging an entire religion based on the horrible actions of one insane, off-shoot group of said religion. I have one argument for these people.

If a rWestboro-Church-x400eligion is to be judged and feared based on the actions of the absolute ethically worst and smallest sect of said religion, then Christianity should be shut the fuck down based on the Westboro Baptist Church. Yep. They incite hate and violence and are considered completely reprehensible by the general population (including the KKK; when one hate group hates another hate group you know it’s bad), but they are Christians. If a Christian does not want their faith represented and judged based on the WBC, then they should not be judging Muslims based on ISIS. Keep that in mind.

Fear-mongering has got to stop, but it takes each and every person doing their due diligence when information is presented to them. Do not believe something just because it was shared on Facebook. It takes less than a minute to do a Google search and learn whether something is true or not. Learning to ignore the lies and spread kindness is the only way we can truly “make America great again.”


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#KindnessIsContagious – Spread Kindness

This is a HUGE deal to me. Every single person is capable of bringing goodness and kindness into the world. And it really only takes little things! A smile. A compliment. Picking up something someone dropped. Ask someone how their day was.


We all need to make the decision to be kind. Decide to not be a dick. I actually caught myself while in line at a store. It was particularly busy and I had been waiting a while. I was next in line when this older woman walked up and held a bag and a dollar up for the cashier to see. The cashier nodded and continued with the transaction she was already in. At first, this annoyed me. Why should this woman get to jump in line in front of myself and all the people behind me who had waited so patiently? I stood there irritated, but then I realized that was a really stupid thing to be annoyed about. This was an older woman so maybe she couldn’t stay on her feet for very long. She was only getting a bag and already had her money out. The fact that she was getting a reusable bag was good for the environment. I had nowhere to be and even if I did losing a minute for her to get that bag wouldn’t be a huge alteration to my ETA. As I was thinking all this, the woman caught my eye and said, “I’m so sorry. I hope you don’t mind.” I smiled at her and said, “Not at all, sweetie. You go right ahead.” She smiled and thanked me as she stepped up to the cashier to pay for the bag and then thanked me again as she walked away. Myself, the woman, and the cashier were all able to go on happily and content. That’s a far better situation, don’t you think?

I know it was not a big, world-changing thing, but it was kindness to one person. I found this and I think it’s a great goal:


Studies have shown that giving kindness to one person can cause that person to display kindness to others. Therefore, you would be changing more than 365 lives. That’s 365 people who are going to kind to others. Then the others will pass on the kindness. It grows exponentially!

Don’t forget the old adage of “you reap what you sow.” Put good into the world and you will get good back. Also, helping others causes improvements in the helping person’s physical and psychological well-being. That’s right! Being kind is good for your health!

Kindness is contagious! Share it with everyone!

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