#GISHWHESTakesTumblr – #GiveLoveToday

Tumblr had spent yesterday being taken over by GISHWHES and it was massively fun! However, after the shooting in Orlando they decided to end what they were doing. Instead, they asked people to use the #givelovetoday to nominate someone who has made a difference in their life and they will choose among the stories and the person nominated will get a prize. I think that is an awesome idea! Of course, the person you nominated had to be on Tumblr, as well. Since I don’t really know anyone on Tumblr, I didn’t bother. I read a few of the other stories and was quite moved by the connections these people have.

It got me to thinking. Who did I have that has profoundly affected my life? Who has saved me from tGiveLoveTodayhe brink? Now, I have some wonderful friends and family who I have extreme appreciation for. But when it came down to it, there is only one major time in my life in when I needed saving. It was when I was depressed during my pregnancy and then dealing with postpartum depression and postnatal PTSD. I needed someone to listen. I needed someone to understand. I needed someone to help me. Instead, I was told I was making excuses, that I was lazy, and a bad mother.

I had started cutting. I was literally crying and screaming that I was going to kill myself. It made no difference. I was “just being dramatic.” That was the day I gave up. I made the plans to end my life. That at least got a reaction and that was when I was taken to the hospital by the police. Afterwards, no one really knew what to do with me. Everyone withdrew. I was no longer being attacked, but I had no support either. I was spoken to when I had to be.

GiveLoveTodayI knew I didn’t really want to die. So…I chose to pick my damn self up. There is nothing harder in this world then trying to escape depression without a support system. It’s like climbing a rock wall where the next hand and foothold are really far away.  The lack of others kicking me back down helped though. It was a very long road, with back sliding, and I have so many issues because of it.

I realized that when being asked who helpedsuperthumb me. I have anxiety. I don’t like making meaningful connections. I don’t trust people. I trust me. Because I am always there for me and I keep getting stronger.

And that’s okay. What I did was the hardest thing I have ever done, but I am so thankful that I did. My life is in an amazing place now. I am generally happy and I am getting healthier by the day.

So I #GiveLoveToday to me. Not because I am being selfish, but because I deserve to love myself. And so do all of you! I want to remind anyone who needs to hear it, that if you need someone to talk to, if you need support, contact me! I will be that for you. I will help you. You are not alone.


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#Supernatural – Season Finale – Alpha and Omega

“Alpha and Omega” was a giant ball of confusion for me. I wish I even knew where to start with this, but I really don’t. I feel like a season finale should end in one of two ways:

  1. Happy Ending
    Think Arrow season 3 finale. Oliver and Felicity driving off into the sunset. General fandom reaction – “Aww! They get to be happy!” {sniffle} “That’s not gonna last though. Shit’s about to go down! Woo!”
  2. Scary Cliffhanger
    Think Supernatural season 10 finale. We see the Darkness emerge and swallow the Impala. General fandom reaction – “Shit’s going down! Woo!”

I honestly have come to expect the second one from Supernatural, but it did seem to be leaning toward the first option as the episode unfolded. However, I experienced neither. The credits showed and this was me:



I just sat there, staring at the TV, like maybe the show would come back on and say, “Just kidding! Here’s the real ending!” But that did not happen. Life went on. I had too any questions.

Where did the British chippy send Cas? Where is Lucifer? Why didn’t Chuck and Amara zap Dean back to Sam and Cas so they would know Dean was okay? Mary is back? What the fuck is this? Why didn’t Cas talk to Chuck? LokiWhy didn’t Chuck speak to him and tell him he was doing good? This angel has been spiraling in shame, guilt, and self-loathing (a lot of which was brought on by Dean’s treatment of him when he makes decisions that are not in line with Dean’s ideas). He’s going to end up like Loki at the end of Dogma, drunk with his wings cut off. He will be lamenting about having failed his father, failed Dean, how he was not capable of being loved.

Sorry. Got sidetracked there.

Also, this episode caused me to feel something that I have never felt from a television show. I felt personally hurt.

By what?

The “no homo bro” talk in the car. Yes, I ship Destiel, but I don’t need a full-on make out session to happen. I just want to see an acknowledgement of what exists there. It was like a complete one-eighty from Dean. He spent most of this season worrying about Cas. They finally get him back and the only thing he can think to say is, “You’re our brother.”



Screw that! So is Adam and look what happened to him! Being your brother is not a big win.

I don’t know if Misha was told to play that disappointed, but it sure looked like Cas was not overjoyed by Dean’s sentiment.


It seems like Destiel was dangled in front of us and then, once we were all leaning in close to the television in anticipation of any tiny bit of happy for Cas and Dean, the writers reached through the screen and slapped us all in the face, hard, and then called us morons on top of it. Then they said our dog is ugly and spit on the floor as they were pulling back into the television. Those bastards.

Vegas is super-cute!


Anyway, it just seems very unfair to us, to Misha, to Castiel, to the story. Whatever.

I do like the fact that we are getting back to basics. We’ve reached the pinnacle with theology so it’s time to head back to deal with the worst kind of monsters – humans. That should be awesome AF! Humans are unpredictable. Remember when they got attacked by the Deliverance family? That was a really good episode. I would love to see more of that.

Season 12 seems so far away, but I look forward to the new story-line and characters it will bring. Carry on, my wayward son!

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#KindnessIsContagious – Spread Kindness

This is a HUGE deal to me. Every single person is capable of bringing goodness and kindness into the world. And it really only takes little things! A smile. A compliment. Picking up something someone dropped. Ask someone how their day was.


We all need to make the decision to be kind. Decide to not be a dick. I actually caught myself while in line at a store. It was particularly busy and I had been waiting a while. I was next in line when this older woman walked up and held a bag and a dollar up for the cashier to see. The cashier nodded and continued with the transaction she was already in. At first, this annoyed me. Why should this woman get to jump in line in front of myself and all the people behind me who had waited so patiently? I stood there irritated, but then I realized that was a really stupid thing to be annoyed about. This was an older woman so maybe she couldn’t stay on her feet for very long. She was only getting a bag and already had her money out. The fact that she was getting a reusable bag was good for the environment. I had nowhere to be and even if I did losing a minute for her to get that bag wouldn’t be a huge alteration to my ETA. As I was thinking all this, the woman caught my eye and said, “I’m so sorry. I hope you don’t mind.” I smiled at her and said, “Not at all, sweetie. You go right ahead.” She smiled and thanked me as she stepped up to the cashier to pay for the bag and then thanked me again as she walked away. Myself, the woman, and the cashier were all able to go on happily and content. That’s a far better situation, don’t you think?

I know it was not a big, world-changing thing, but it was kindness to one person. I found this and I think it’s a great goal:


Studies have shown that giving kindness to one person can cause that person to display kindness to others. Therefore, you would be changing more than 365 lives. That’s 365 people who are going to kind to others. Then the others will pass on the kindness. It grows exponentially!

Don’t forget the old adage of “you reap what you sow.” Put good into the world and you will get good back. Also, helping others causes improvements in the helping person’s physical and psychological well-being. That’s right! Being kind is good for your health!

Kindness is contagious! Share it with everyone!

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#Supernatural – Can Bi God Pull Dean Out Of The Closet?

This discusses Supernatural episode 11×20 so spoilers are within.

If you know me at all, you know I have a fondness for the television show Supernatural. Okay, fondness may be putting it mildly. I am an obsessed, card-carrying member of the fandom. However, I try to keep my fangirling on the inside so as not to seem completely insane to normal society.

Anyway, this past Wednesday’s episode has really whipped the fandom into a frenzy. It was revealed that God (aka Chuck Shurley, aka Carver Edlund) has been slumming it here on Earth with us humans and having a great time. He made a blog full of cat-pictures, learned to play guitar, wrote a lot. None of that was what exploded the internet. Here. I will let you see for youself

Yep. God is bi.

I mean, if we stick with “he’s a celestial being” then he’s neither really a man or woman so he’s not so much bi…perhaps pan? But as Chuck, he is a man who had relationships with other men.

This episode follows directly on the heels of “The Chitters” which features a pair or male hunters who were lovers.

So now the fandom is all asking the same question –

Why the hell is Destiel not canon??? Hunters can be gay and god is bi! When will Dean FINALLY admit he is bi?

In case you have lived under a rock, Destiel is the pairing of hunter Dean and angel Castiel. It has been being shipped since the day “Lazarus Rising” aired in 2008. It’s completely understandable. It doesn’t take much to believe Dean is bisexual and the relationship between Cas and Dean…well, if you truly believe it’s strictly a bromance then you are purposely blinding yourself to what the writers and actors have shown.

Unfortunately, the show has been accused (and rightfully so) of “queer-baiting,” a term meaning the show is perpetuating this idea of a queer couple, but with no intention of ever making it canon (an officially accepted part of the story). So Destiel has never been official. It has only lived in the minds of fans worldwide.

This turn of showing a male gay couple and then showing God as being bi has left many wondering…could this be part of the build-up to the acceptance of Destiel? With Dean being exposed to this kind of information, he could finally feel comfortable enough to admit his feelings for Cas. I think we’re all expecting at least a kiss once Lucifer is expelled from Cas’s body. Goodness knows, Cas is the only thing Dean has cared about since he found out Lucifer was in him.

This Tumblr post from cpn-america explains it well!

Cas or Case


There is no way to know for sure, at least on our end, but I am still hopeful. For me, it’s not about two attractive men kissing and it’s not about bisexual representation on television. It fits the damn story line! There is no other way to interpret the reactions Dean has, no other way to interpret the stares, the physical closeness, the chosen words.

Guess there is no other option, but just waiting with hopeful anticipation.

Cover photo by Supernatural1019 on deviantART.

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#ManCrushMonday – Manu Bennett

Manu BennettIt has been a while since I’ve done one of these fun posts, but there was a reason. I didn’t really have anyone catching my eye or my mind. I can definitely say that has changed now with a new addition to my “List”.

I hear you gasp, “But, Crystal! How can that be? You already have a complete list!”

I know. I had to bump someone. Who? After well over a decade on the list, the executive decision was made to bump Edward Norton. Nothing against Mr. Norton, but my tastes have changed.

That brings me to the whole point here as I welcome Manu Bennett to my list!

This incredibly sexy man from New Zealand has been gaining quite a bit of notoriety here in the US lately. My first introduction to him was Manu As Crixusthrough the Starz show Spartacus. If you have not yet seen Spartacus then stop denying yourself. You can find it on Netflix. I will warn you though – the show contains a lot of sex and a lot blood, sometimes even in the same scene. Manu plays gladiator Crixus. This was an excellent role as the character goes through so many transitions. It takes an actor with incredible talent and dedication to capture so many come character upheavals so well.

My second sight of him was in Arrow. There was actually a plethora of Spartacus alum that has been making their way into the DC world. Nick Tarabay. Katrina Law, and Cynthia Addai-Robinson joined Manu on Arrrow and Liam McIntyre was cast as a major villain on Flash.

ArrowManu plays Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke. This is another character that goes through a major change. He starts off as a mentor to Oliver, becomes his friend, and then becomes hell bent on taking away everything Oliver holds dear. As with Crixus, Manu handles this character very well and really gets to the heart of Slade Wilson. It was shame how poorly the character was handled by the writers at the end so it is unlikely we will see him back in that role again.

It wasn’t until after watching Arrow and reading some articles about it that I saw that Manu was Azog the Pale Orc in The Hobbit movies. I highly recommend watching some of Manu’s interviews at conventions where he talks about getting that role and working on a green screen. His insight into the relationship between Azog and his warg is quite entertaining!

Now, up until this point, I was not particularly taken with him. However, by watching different interviews and listening to him talkManu And Liam about his experiences I began to have quite an affinity for him. Despite any success, Manu remains humble and shares credit without a second thought. He talks about his roles with an earnest intensity. The choices he makes are all well-thought out. His performances showed a level of talent and dedication that is not seen as often nowadays. I believe I have mentioned before that talent is major attractant to me. It was all this that really drew me in and made me fall in infatuation. Yes, it is true that all of that is wrapped up in an incredibly sexy package, but that was seen in Spartacus…a lot…in excellent HD detail. By getting past that, it was easier to focus on the things that really make him excellent at what he does.

Manu As a FatherI have heard very little about Manu’s personal life so I did some research before writing this. I learned he has three young daughters with a woman he has referred to as his partner. Fear not, ladies! The internet chatter says that while he is still responsible for his family (as a good man should be), he is not in a romantic partnership at the moment. It was said that he was dating a woman in Vancouver during filming of Arrow and has been seen with many a different lady over time. It has been noted that he is especially flirtatious with his fans at conventions, whether he is just naturally that way or does it to increase revenue one cannot be sure. However, I did come across this especially interesting line – “If you are a moderately attractive model or cosplayer, you certainly do have a chance with him. Like at least a lunch date or something. If there’s an after party at a convention, he’d definitely invite you to go and maybe to his hotel afterward.”

If a happy-ever-after is what you’re after, it seems like Manu may not be the man for that. (Damn it!) For a night of fun though,…Manu Points



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#WomanCrushWednesday – Angela Moriarty

For #WomanCrushWednesday, I have decided to showcase a very good friend of mine, Angela Moriarty. She has started a Facebook page called Angela’s 9 Month Challenge.  Of her page, she says, “I will be posting exercise routines, food ideas, health tips, and writing about my challenges along the way.”

If you’re wanting some more inspiration or want to join in the challenge, head on over to her page and give it a “Like.”


That is not the only reason I have chosen to showcase her this week. Angela is an all around amazing person. (Yay for unintentional alliteration!) She truly cares about other people and has done so much to be a help and blessing to many, including working with a church to feed the homeless, taking in families to help them get back on their feet, being a foster parent, sewing “blankie tags” (blankets with silky “tags” all around the edges) for children in the hospital, and so much more.

On top of all that, she has four absolutely amazing children that she has home-schooled. Prior to meeting Angela, I never wanted to have kids. I worked in the tourism industry and knew kids were snotty, messy, loud, mean, and never behaved. Meeting her kids showed me that children act the way they are taught, that kids can listen, be kind, and well-behaved if that is what they are shown. If it Kids grownwasn’t for meeting her and her children, I probably never would have had Sylar.



The relationship she has with her husband is one that many women envy. These are two people who are so very much in love and it’s shown in the little things they do for each other. It’s clear when you see them together that they are two people who got it right.


Oh, I guess shouldn’t neglect to mention that the girl is hot! Her hubby is a lucky man and I’m sure he agrees. Of course he is a catch himself so they make a lovely pair.

Angela has even done some modeling. Of course you can see it in the photos, but she has gorgeous long red hair. Absolutely beautiful girl!

Angela&Sissy22   DCFC0112.JPG   New


Angela is the person I go to with all my gardening questions! …Okay, I don’t have any gardening questions because I don’t garden, but if I DID, she would be the one I go to with questions. This girl can grow anything and loves to spend time with her plants. She is not the read-a-book-to-them kind of person, but she certainly keeps her babies happy and growing.

B0392_350_439 Flower  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAgarden

Of course all those things are just a portion of her that the world gets to see. I love the fun person she is when she just lets loose. We have had so much fun over the years! Karaoke, Dollywood, Splash Country, most recently Cades Cove…it’s such a blast! Lucky for me, she gets my weird sense of humor so we’re always laughing. She is also amazing for hugs and just chilling with at the end of the day.

full   SissyDidMakeUp   CadesCpve

Girlie, thank you for being such an amazing person! Thank you for getting in contact with me all those years ago and piquing my interest with what you had to say. Definitely a life-changer and though things took some weird turns, I wouldn’t trade it for the world and am so happy to have you in my life!




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#WomanCrushWednesday – Olivia Kissper

On Monday, I posted an article called ASMR – Trick Your Body Into Relaxing. If you’re not familiar with ASMR, I highly suggest reading that article first because today I am going to be talking about ASMRtist Olivia of Olivia’s Kissper ASMR.Olivia Kissper Headshot

I mentioned in the last article that the first ASMR video I came across was WOW, this sounds like your hair is being TOUCHED! Binaural ASMR hair play, brushing and massage. This is a video by Olivia Kissper. I watched numerous videos of hers in the beginning. Slowly I began to branch out and watch others, but I have always come back to Olivia’s videos.

Something that is hard to come by is finding an ASMRtist who puts out new content often. I’m sure after a while a person must think, “How many more ways can I include triggers in my videos? I have done a hundred different videos already!” Sometimes it can be a month or longer between videos. However, Olivia has vowed to release a new video every Wednesday  and every Wednesday she has. What’s even more impressive is that she has continuously managed to make new, unique, and creative content. Her role plays are so much fun!

Along with giving the “tingles,” Olivia also liked to add positive messages to her videos. She reminds her viewers that they are bright, strong, confident people. Olivia Kissper Hand MovementsIt’s a two-for-one special with her videos.

There is not a whole lot for me to say about her. What you need to do is watch. I am going to link her video channel here along with a couple of my favorite videos. I hope you all enjoy!


YouTube Channel – Olivia’s Kissper ASMR
Facebook Page – Olivia’s Kissper ASMR
Website – Feel More ASMR

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#ManCrushMonday – Elon Musk

I am always open to suggestions so when Sylar’s dad said I should do #ManCrushMonday on Elon Musk I immediately replied, “Who’s that?”

SD explained that he was the guy who owned Tesla Motors and was basically revolutionizing the world. I was familiar with Tesla Motors because SD has said for a long time that a Tesla is his dream car.

Tesla Car

However, the company was fresh on my mind because the morning before it was being discussed on the public radio station that plays while I get Sylar dressed. They were discussing the fact that we have access to large amounts of energy, but no batteries that provide adequate storage and that Tesla had provided a battery that could. That was the gist I caught before running out the door with Sylar.

I agreed that Elon would make a great #ManCrushMonday representative sight unseen. As I have said before, looks are generally not the most important thing to me. However, when I Googled him this is the first picture I saw:

Elon Musk Smiling

Look at him! He’s actually a young(ish), attractive man! I had no idea. I was expecting someone much older than 43. Through my research I found out he is the Canadian-American son of a model and an electrical/mechanical engineer. Seriously?? If this is the result, then that combination needs to be replicated with other models and geniuses to see what all we can get.

I ended up watching the video of him debuting the Tesla Powerwall which is the battery that I heard about on the morning show. I found it amusing, educational, and entertaining. When I think of great speakers, I think of people who rarely if ever say, “Um,” or rarely stutter and who generally ignores the crowd. Elon Musk is a completely different kind of speaker. He is engaging with the audience and speaks to their level. See for yourself. (By the way, the opening music is kick ass and lets you know that you are about to see something amazing!)

This is a man who wants to make a better world. He wants to bring power to people who have never been able to have it before. Think about all the things we take for granted that remote villages without electricity don’t have. Heat, air, basic sanitation, the ability to access medical care quickly. It’s the ability to bring countries out of the third-world rating. Even on the scale of just thinking about it here at home, in the US, in an everyday person’s home, think about the money you would save on electricity! It’s a $3500 investment (not including the solar panels and set up) that will change your world.

I don’t know if he is just that good of a speaker/marketer or what, but by the end of that video I couldn’t imagine why anyone would not want to follow him down the path to world preservation.

Now, since this is #ManCrushMonday there are some things I should point out. Ladies, this man is newly single. He split from his second wife for the second Elon Musk Sexytime at the end of last year/beginning of this year. I had noted as I was watching the video that there was no ring on his finger. I mentioned that to SD who said he was sure that the man was married. Well, he was…but he’s not now. Also, if you’re the kind of woman who cares about that kind of thing, he has money…LOTS and LOTS of it. You could try to count it by hundreds and you would fall asleep before you ever finished. He is a billionaire almost a dozen times over. Oh, and by the way, he owns a company called Space X which works in space exploration and one day hopes to colonize Mars. If you ever wanted to vacay in Space, this may be the guy to get to know.

Elon Musk Is Tony StarkLast point of interest, how many of you are head over heels for Tony Stark? If you don’t know who that is then you really need to spend some time geeking up. The character of Tony Stark, played by Robert Downy Jr in the Iron Man movies, is actually based upon Elon Musk. When they needed to know how a young billionaire genius acted, they decided might as well meet one and see. That’s exactly what happened. Pretty cool, huh?

Of course he is a busy boy what with all his companies to run and the future of humanity to save so getting him to yourself for dinner might be tough. In a 2012 interview with Business Week, Elon stated that he wished he had more time for dating and guessed at 10 hours a week as an appropriate amount of time to spend with a potential significant other.

There is so much that has been written about this man already. If you want to know more, I suggest checking out the Wikipedia for Elon or just Google him and see all the amazing stories about what he has accomplished. Elon Musk is definitely a man you should know and admire.

TESLA IPO Elon And Tesla CarElon Musk Posing

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jennifer aniston hair

#WomanCrushWednesday – Jennifer Aniston

Who doesn’t like Jennifer Aniston? I mean really. Men want to be with her and all the women want to be her. At 46, she actually looks younger than she did in some Friends episodes. It’s crazy! Of course top it all off with the fact that she had a relationship with Brad Pitt, one of Hollywood’s long standing heartthrobs and who wouldn’t be a little envious of this beauty?

While I see Brad Pitt as conventionally handsome, he is not my cup of tea. However, I have long appreciated his skills and role selection. (Mickey from Snatch was my favorite. “D’ye lak dags?”) His decision to have an affair and eventually leave Jennifer for Angelina though made me worry about his sanity. There are so many people who think Angelina Jolie is the epitome of beauty, but I don’t get it. Obviously, I was Team Aniston all the way. She’s a prettier person in many ways.

One of my favorite things about her look is that Jennifer is not a yo-yo dieter. She works hard to keep her body looking smoking hot and it shows no matter where she’s at or what she’s wearing.

Jennifer Aniston's Body

Jennifer Whistles

Jennifer has also had some great movie roles. She co-starred with Jim Carey in Bruce Almighty and with Ben Stiller in Along Came Polly. Of course there was the cult-classic Office Space. I really liked both The Switch and He’s Just Not That Into You. I HATED, absolutely, positively loathed Marley & Me. **SPOILER ALERT UNTIL THE END OF THIS PARAGRAPH** Any movie where the lovable main character is an animal and said movie includes a euthanasia scene of that animal is a horrible movie! I was forced to go see that movie against my will. I specifically said, “No, I don’t want to see that movie because the dog will die.” This was just a few months after my own dog being euthed so a dead dog was the last thing I wanted to see. But noooo. “It’s a comedy!” they said. “You’ll laugh,” they said. I left the theater crying like I had lost my dog all over again. I was completely traumatized. From then on, I check with people before I watch a movie with an animal in it. It’s the whole reason I have never seen I Am Legend even though I really like Will Smith.

Mean Moms Fake PosterMoving on, I was super excited to hear about Mean Moms which was supposed to star Jennifer Aniston, but it got bumped for a Reese Witherspoon movie. I like Reese, but supposedly it’s another country movie and I would much rather see Mean Moms. This fake poster started the buzz about the movie, but both Sandra Bullock and Cameron Diaz were just guesses by whoever made it. If that were the cast I think it would be stellar!


Also, Ms. Aniston is part owner in a company that makes a silicone-free shampoo. Gotta love a business-minded woman who wants to see better products available for us all. It makes sense that she would back hair products since she has some amazing hair! After all, a large percentage of the ’90s female population went to the salon to get “The Rachel.”Living Proof Jennifer Aniston Promotes

Do you like Jennifer Aniston, too? What is it you like about her?

Jennifer Aniston Sexy 21st Annual SAG Awards




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Apollo Robbins Smile

#ManCrushMonday – Apollo Robbins

You may remember that on #WomanCrushWednesday I mentioned having a list. “The List” as told in the Friends episode is a list of 5 celebrities that you can have “relations” with without your significant other getting upset. Isn’t it a great world when infidelity with celebrities is so organized!

As I said on Wednesday, Zooey Deschanel is on my list as I like to always have at least one girl on there. The other four are all men. There’s Gerard Butler, David Lyons, Edward Norton, and this week’s #ManCrushMonday star, Apollo Robbins.

Apollo Robbins Hat

How anyone could not like this man I will never understand. He is a world-renowned pickpocket and is known as “The Gentleman Thief.” That right there encompasses everything a woman wants – a man who is a gentleman, but also a bad boy.  The thought can easily make any woman purr…or maybe that’s just me.

I know that I have seen him before I remember seeing him, if that makes any sense. A few months ago, I came across this show on Netflix called Brain Games. It seemed like it could be interesting so I started it up. There are only three 45 minute long episodes in the first season (which is narrated by Neil Patrick Harris) and twelve 22 minute long episodes in the second season. I highly recommend this show as it’s incredibly educational in a very fun way.

In this show, Apollo Robbins is labeled as a Deception Specialist and he uses his skills to show how the brain handles different inputs and, for his line of work, how the brain can be exploited.

Once I saw him on Brain Games I knew I had seen him before, but I didn’t know where. Two things caused me interest this time though. The first thing- the hat. Yep. You can ask any of my friends. I have for years and years said that any man in that kind of hat is instantaneously attractive. It’s a magic hat. There’s got to be more though for a man to still be attractive when they take it off. I mentioned on Wednesday that while looks are important, it’s talent and intelligence that really pulls me in. Apollo has that covered. His pick-pocketing skills are legendary and he’s great with magic. He doesn’t just use his abilities for entertainment purposes though. He has learned the science behind it and can relay that in a way that is easily understood to a layperson. This incredible talent and knowledge has led to him giving TED Talks and consulting on television shows and movies. Most recently, he was hired as a consultant for the Will Smith movie, Focus.

I will say that Mr. Robbins is not the best person to have on my list because he does have an absolutely gorgeous wife. Her name is Ava Do and she is a mentalist. Mentalists deal with psychological manipulation. Very interesting area. You can read her blog here: Ava Do.


Apollo Robbins Headshot

The desire and incredible unlikeliness won out though so I put him on the list. If nothing else, it can be considered a very sincere show of respect for Apollo’s talent.

And a deep appreciation for his incredibly sexy eyes.

Meet & greets in lieu of sex can be as good if the talk is interesting. Well, maybe not as good, but still good. {wink}

Sorry, I am getting completely carried away!

Apollo Robbins on Lying

Apollo RobbinsApollo Robbins Expression2

I highly recommend anyone who is interested in psychology or just wants a little insight into how the brain works should check out Brain Games and the many Apollo Robbins YouTube videos. I had not found many videos for Ava, but if you’re interested in seeing what a mentalist can do another option would be to look for videos of Keith Barry. The guy will seriously freak you out.

Now you know who’s on my list. Who is on yours?

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