Kindergarten Begins

It is finally here. My little boy has started Kindergarten. We just finished up his fourth day.

FirstDayOfKingergarten FirstDayOfKingergarten2

This is a very new situation for both of us. Neither of us are very interested in getting up early. However, that slowly seems to be working itself out. The first two days Sylar was up at the exact same time I was. The two days after he wanted to sleep. Luckily, I am good at waking him up in a sweet or funny way so there is no fighting. Only giggles and hugs.

I walk him into his classroom each day. Once he gets more comfortable in the school, I will walk him to the gate to the hallway and let him go on his own to the classroom…maybe. If I can do it. It was hard enough to drop him off on the first day. It goes against EVERYTHING you know as a mom. Take your child to a strange building, full of strange people, and just leave him there. Logically, you know it’s school and he is fine, but it makes the mom instincts hurt.

At school, he gets a free breakfast and free lunch which I think is awesome. I remember having to pay for lunch and milk and whatever all my school-life. It’s part of a program that the school participates in. All the kids get breakfast and lunch at no cost. Sylar loves this, though he was not happy the day he wanted an egg sandwich, but the girl in front of him got the last one.

HateThatBitchAs far as friends go, I know there is one girl he gets along with because she likes Minecraft and he said she is beautiful. I also know there is a girl he doesn’t like because she colored red and green on his picture of candy. He hasn’t been able to tell me any names yet other than his teacher’s. All we know is there is “the beautiful girl” and “the bad girl.”

School pick up is crazy. It runs like a well-oiled machine, but if you don’t want your kid to sit in school forever, you have to get there very early. The first two days I arrived after 2pm and we had a long wait. The third day I arrived 1:52 and I STILL had a long wait. I made the decision to show up today at 1pm and see when most people started showing up. By 2pm, the line was not as near as long as it had been the day before or even the days I had gotten there after 2. There was one person in front of me in the pick up line. They had pulled in right before I did. Most of the people behind me showed up by half past one. So I have learned. If I don’t want to keep Sylar waiting in the classroom, I have to get there by 1:30 and all should be good. Now to figure out what to do for 90 minutes in a hot car 5 times a week.


What do you do to kill time in the pick up line? How have your kids been dealing with the new school year? Let me know in the comments!

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Creepy Sylar And The Supernatural

Sylar has taken to watching some of the paranormal shows that my mom and I like. He isn’t scared by what he sees so I have no problem allowing it. However, it has led to him making some odd observations. Here’s a couple examples.

After seeing a clip of a young girl being drug by the ankle by an invisible demon on The Haunting, Sylar has some ideas about why she had been grabbed.

Sylar: Maybe someone wanted her shoe.
Me: Maybe.
Sylar: Or maybe someone wanted her blood for a drink.
Me: ….








Watching an old Supernatural episode on Netflix where they kill a female baddie. She starts glowing.

Me: Maybe she’ll explode. {She just starts melting and falls over.}
Sylar: Did she explode?
Me: No. She just melted and died.
Sylar: Oh. I wanted to see her explode.
Me: Did you want to see someone explode?
Sylar: {excitedly} Yeah!
Me: {goes back a few episodes, plays Lucifer exploding Castiel}
Sylar: Whoa! He exploded! That was cool!


That’s my boy! Haha!

Has your children ever said anything a bit creepy? Tell me in the comments!


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My Little Octonaut


Oscars Oasis
Oscar’s Oasis

Sylar has a tendency to watch the same things over and over and over. It started with The Lorax when he was two. Sylar’s dad and I can quote the movie word for word when we watch it. Of course, repetitive watching is normal for his age. However, it’s a problem when what he wants to watch is not educational, such as when he got hooked on a show called Oscar’s Oasis. It’s a cute show. However, there are no words spoken at all during the episodes, only sounds, so there is no learning a language. The location is a desert with attributes of many different deserts across the world so there is no ability to learn about geography. The collection of animals is odd, as well. Aside from Oscar, who appears to a gecko, there is also a Fennec Fox, a buzzard, a hyena, a dog, chickens, a skunk, crocodiles, and meerkats. It’s quite the odd menagerie.

Sylar wanted to watch this all the time though so finally I told him he had to pick something else. We went scrolling through Netflix and he chose a show called Octonauts. It, too, has an odd menagerie with the main characters being a polar bear, a cat, a sea otter, a dog, a bunny, a penguin, and an octopus.


There are also creatures called Vegimals which are exactly what they sound like, vegetable animals. The Vegimals speak “Vegimalese” though they understand English and know some words. They are also excellent cooks and are often tasked with making “fish biscuits” for sea creatures.

Disney Channel's "Octonauts" - Season One

Despite all that weirdness, the show is educational. Each episode consists of two different stories. In each story, the Octonauts come into contact with a different sea creature, some I had never even heard of until seeing it on their show. Sometimes they’re helping the creature; other times the creature is helping them. At the end of each story, the characters do a “Creature Report” which is a song that goes over the facts learned about the featured creature.

Octonauts is still kind of new to the US. It started off in Australia. Toys of the characters are just starting to reach stores here. I was absolutely giddy the day I walked down the Walmart toy aisle and saw the small Octonauts section! I bought Sylar Kwazii and the Gup-R (Gups are aquatic vehicles). Needless to say, he was ecstatic. Very little makes me as happy as making my son happy. Once he got to see the toy section for himself though he knew exactly what he wanted – The Octopod. In the show, the Octopod is the home base for the Octonauts. I was able to get it for him just a couple days ago and he has been playing out Octonaut scenarios ever since.

Octonauts Octopod

Sylar can tell you so much about the different animals of the sea thanks to this show. He has gained an incredible love of all things aquatic. His favorite place to go is “the quarry land.” It took us a while to figure out he meant “the Aquarium.” He can say each of the syllables separately, but as soon as he tries to say it all together it turns back into “the quarry land.” So cute! The attraction he has to this is so strong that I would not be surprised if he sticks with it as he ages. I may have a marine biologist on my hands. I remember wanting to be a marine biologist when I was younger, but eventually writing and psychology won out so it may end up being the same with Sylar, but for now we are happy to foster his love of the ocean.


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Why Having One Boy Is Awesome

Before getting pregnant, I wanted to have two children, both girls. Life came about for Sylar to be all that I have and all that I want.  So here I am showing some reasons why I am lucky to have my baby boy.

I present to you:

Why Having One Child Is Awesome

  1. I only had to experience labor pain once (and barely that! Much thanks to the attractive anesthesiologist!) .
  2. When he outgrows clothes and toys I can sell them for a bit of extra cash instead of saving them for hand-me-downs.
  3. I only have to keep track of one body. I don’t lose one child while being distracted by another.
  4. Sylar never has to vie with another child for my attention.
  5. I am not having to spend money on multiple kids so I can spoil him when I want to.
  6. He doesn’t have to argue with a sibling about what cartoon to watch.
  7. There’s no hair-pulling, kicking, biting, hitting going on here at this house.
  8. We only have to save up a college fund for one child.
  9. No minivan needed (though some are pretty damn cool!).
  10. No juggling extracurricular activities of multiple children.

Why Having A Boy Is Awesome

  1. I have a “Mama’s Boy” instead of a “Daddy’s Girl.”
  2. Boys like frogs, snakes, and “icky” things more often.
  3. As was said to me, “When you have a boy, you only have to worry about that one boy. When you have a girl, you have to worry about ALL the boys.”
  4. I don’t have to have the “period talk” or buy products for that.
  5. I envy cute girly clothes, but boy clothes are cheaper and the smaller selection makes a boy easier to shop for.
  6. Males are better at spacial reasoning than females.
  7. It’s an honor getting to raise a man who will be honest and respectful of women.
  8. We won’t have to pay for the wedding when he gets married.
  9. When he’s older he will be able to help me move heavy stuff.
  10. Because oh my god he is so freaking adorable!

I might have cheated on that last one, but I don’t care. My blog, my rules.  After all, he is so adorable huh?


What are you favorite things about having an only child and/or a boy?

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“Where’s My Girl?”

Yesterday we drove out to Cades Cove to meet some family friends we haven’t seen in forever. It was so much fun and so good to see them!

There were 9 of us total so we used two vehicles to drive through the loop. My friend’s daughter rode with us, sitting next to Sylar’s car seat. This made him super happy since normally he is sitting back there by himself.  We would get out to look at different things along the way, but when putting Sylar back in his seat, he started asking, “Where’s my girl?”

It was so dang cute!

Then after we had to part ways, Sylar was happily munching away on Cool Ranch Doritos in his seat. It took about 3 minutes, but finally he stopped eating and looked to his right. Then, “Hey! Where’s my girl?” I told him it took long enough for him to notice. It was just so funny because the way he asked just made it sound like we had bought this other child just for him to have in the car.

No, that is not incentive to have another child.  One perfect one is enough.  🙂

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“Not the Food Store!”

Every day when I pick Sylar up from school he gets in the car and asks me the same question: “Do you have something?” This is his way of asking if I have food and/or drink for him. This is the conversation we had:


Sylar: Do you have something?
Me: No. But we’re going to the store. We’ll get you something there
Sylar: You have chocolate milk?
Me: No. We’re going to the store though.
Sylar: {super pout} I don’t want to go to the store.
Me: Do you want chocolate milk?
Sylar: {still pouty} Uh-huh.
Me: Then we have to go to the store. That’s where the chocolate milk is.
Sylar: Not the food store!
Me: We’re going to the chocolate milk store. (This is how he referred to Kroger before so I thought that might make him happy.)
Sylar: {pouty noises}

Upon arriving at Kroger, Sylar points out that it is indeed a food store.

Sylar: The food store!
Me: Sorry! Mommy needs to get some food. Bread and bologna and..
Sylar: Nony? (I don’t know why he calls bologna this.)
Me: Yeah. We need bologna because we are all out. We don’t have anymore.
Sylar: Yeah, but we still have cheese sticks!
Me: That is true. I’m also getting fruit.
Sylar: I don’t want fruit.
Me: That’s fine. I’m not getting it for you. I’m getting it for me.
Sylar: No. I don’t want to eat fruit.
Me: That’s fine. The fruit is not for you. It’s for mommy.
Sylar: No. Fruit is for daddy. (His dad does buy a lot of fruit so it can sit on my counter and rot.)
Me: No. This is going to be my fruit.
Sylar: Fruit is for daddy.
Me: Well, this fruit is going to be for mommy.
Sylar: Fruit is dangerous.
Me: What?
Sylar: Fruit is dangerous.
Me: Fruit is dangerous? How is it dangerous.
Sylar: I ‘ont know. (The way he says “I don’t know” is so cute!)

I never found out why fruit was dangerous, but we had a good trip nevertheless!

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Introduction to My Boy

I am a mom. Allow me to introduce you to my one and only child, Sylar. He is 3 years old and the sweetest little boy a mom could ask for.



I’m not just saying that because he’s mine either. I’m saying that because when I walk through a store and hear a child screaming and crying I get to send a thank you out into the universe because I have NEVER had to deal with that.

It took us a long time to settle on a name when we found out we were having a boy. I had never imagined having a boy (that’s a whole ‘nother story) so it was trial. We went through the usual  thing. I picked out names Bryan didn’t like and he picked out names I didn’t like. Then, while reading a thread about baby boy names someone mentioned liking the name Sylar, although not because of the show “Heroes.”

In “Heroes,” Sylar was a character that was one of those bad guys that you really enjoy. Ya know, the kind you secretly root for. Oh, also he was played by Zachary Quinto so he was smokin’ hot!

Zachary Quinto as Sylar


The character had been a favorite of both mine and Bryan’s so I ran the name by him. He loved it and voila! We knew there would be issues and there always is. People spell his name Syler or call him Tyler. The most common is calling him Skylar, which I really hate.

Anyways, our boy is crazy smart and catches on to most things quickly…generally the things we wish he wouldn’t. He’s a typical boy and loves to give me mini heart attacks by jumping off things, running too fast and falling, and bumping his head on everything.

This was just an intro to the baby boy that I love. You can expect to read about his antics in the future. He’s always up to something and we have the best conversations!


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