June Challenges

Challenges for June! I posted a video on YouTube (see below) about a couple month-long challenges I will be doing for June, one for happiness and one for planking. See the information for these in the images below. Clicking on the plank info will take you the site where they will show you how to do a proper plank position. Always remember to be safe.

I will be posting updates along the way. Let me know in the comments if you will join and update me on your progress! Have fun!

Here is the information in case you want to join in the challenges!
Happiness Challenges28 Day Plank

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Goodbye, 2015! Hello, New Year!

It is time to do what most people do at the end of a year. Think back on how it all went and imagine how the next year will be.

Despite the fact that 2015 was, without a doubt, one of the hardest years for me (in the top 5 at least), I am a bit sad to see it go.

My mom and I moved to Tennessee in ’98. My life here has been far better than anything I would have experienced in Indiana. While I liked getting to see my Grandma, I never really liked goinggiphy back to the teeny little farming town I grew up in. I went back for Christmas the year after my Grandma passed away. The next year my Grandpa passed away, too. I have not been back since. Tennessee has been my home. I love the mountains. I love the people. I have made the best friends I have ever known here. My son was born here. The house I am sitting here, typing this in is the same place I brought him to after leaving the hospital. I have loved here and also had my heartbroken. Here I hit the lowest point I have ever experienced in my life…and here I rose out of the ashes and am attempting to rebuild myself. Now, I am leaving that all behind. It’s the end of an era.


While that is sad, 2016 is going to a whole new story.


Due to the actions of my ex, my son’s father, Sylar and I were going to be homeless. Where do two people with two dogs and a horse go? I was very worried. Never in my life have I had to wonder where I would live, how I would keep my son safe, what would happen with my animals. Just remembering it brings tears to my eyes. I feel for the many mothers that have had to go through that.

Luckily, I didn’t have to worry overly long. I have some amazing friends who told me to stop worrying and to come live with them. I was to pack up me, Sylar, and the dogs (pony would have to wait) and head to Florida. These are very good friends of mine (Sylar’s godparents) and joining forces was something we had considered before since we have similar life goals. Previously though life had never allowed it.

I had been wanting to move to Florida for years because as much as I love Tennessee I freaking HATE the cold. It is a huge pain to load up gallon jugs of hot water and haul them through the snow to the water trough that was on the other side of the field, multiple times, every day.
This was me ——————->

Anyways, back to my point.

Like I said, this is something we had talked about before and it was a great option for Sylar and I. I knew I had to get my ex on board since he did have the legal option of stopping us from moving. At first, he didn’t want us to go. He suggested Sylar and I move in with his mother. She could watch Sylar while I worked and the dogs could spend their days locked in an extra room. His mom, Sylar’s grandma, called and asked me to please think about it. I did…and it made me cry. How sad to get to see so little of my child. How sad for the dogs to spend their days locked up. All because it would be easier for Sylar’s dad, the one who put us in the position to begin with. No. I had no desire to continue to live an unhappy life to help out a man who destroyed me when there were people who loved me, accepted me, my son, and our pets and wanted us to be there.  I told him I would agree to what he wanted to pay so long as he didn’t try to stop us from moving. He agreed and we got the modification signed.

giphy (1)

By the end of January, me, Sylar, our pets (which now includes Zimmy the mini-panther), and even my mom will all be moved to Florida. I am so excited!

This blog will take a bit of a turn, chronicling some of what we do as a combined family working towards a self-sufficient farm. There will still be quite a bit about saving money, being healthy, and parenting. I will get everyone introduced eventually. Though I actually already did a post about Angela – #WomanCrushWednesday – Angela Moriarty. S

All of this leads up to my resolutions for 2016. random acts
I will live happier and I will spread as much kindness and love as I can. I will be doing that in my family, as well as in the world. Helping others through random acts of kindness has become a huge focal point for me and hope to build on that in 2016. For anyone looking to do the same, check out Random Acts. They are an awesome organization that is really helping put some good into the world. I will write more about them later on in the year.

Let’s make 2016 the year of positivity!


What do you hope to accomplish with the new year?

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