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I mentioned in the Tabata article (Tabata – Total Annihilation of Body A la Tortuous Agony) that I was using a program called DailyBurn. It was one of the apps that I saw on our Roku so I decided to check it out and learn what they offer.

I had to get on my laptop to sign up and had to enter credit card information. There is a 30-day free trial. You can cancel anytime within that 30 days at no charge.  However, after that you will be charged $12.95/month from that point on. For what is offered, I am happy to pay it. (Please note: the card used will be charged a dollar which gets refunded. This is to make sure you are using an active card.)

Signing up involves inputting your current weight, goal weight, gender, and age. After you answer a few questions about your fitness level and your goals, DailyBurn recommends a workout program for you. They know what they are talking about! Do the one they recommend. Learn from my Tabata catastrophe.

For me, they recommended their Cardio Sculpt program. My goal is to lose weight and gain strength so naturally this was a perfect fit.

I do want to mention some of their other programs for those who might be interested. There are five different courses that are for those needing an advanced workout. You know, the kind that would kill a normal human, but makes you feel alive? I assume. I really have no idea as I have never been at that level and will continue to avoid these for the foreseeable future. One is of course the Tactical Body Training which is the Tabata Hell I mentioned. Another is called Black Fire and the picture scares for me some reason…like if I fail (which I would) he is going to beat me with that stick until I learn to man-up.



Thereinferno_hr is also Inferno and Inferno HR. The latter’s picture reminds me of a medical show. I guess because of the heart rate and colored overlay.


The last is Live To Fail. It is literally working out until failure. I am sure you know, but just in case, failure is an exercise term meaning “If I do one more, I will puke and die.”

On the opposite end of the spectrum is a program called True Beginner. I have thought about trying out one of their workouts, but I am in such a good place with Cardio Sculpt that I don’t want to chance getting seduced into something easier. From what I can tell though, it looks like a wonderful place for those getting back into working out or wanting to start getting healthy to start out.

Whatever you like to do, there is a program for it. Move is a dance workout. Pilates Phase One is available for beginners and there is a Pilates Phase Two for when you have mastered the first one. There is also Yoga.

One that I think is really awesome is the Beautiful Belly program. I know what you’re thinking. “But…I want to get rid of my belly, not compliment it!” BeautifulBellyNo worries. This is a program specifically for pregnant woman. They have yoga workouts listed for the whole pregnancy and for post-natal. I wish I had known about this when I was pregnant.

I almost forgot to mention a little extra information. When you choose a program, DailyBurn will provide you with a sample menu and recipes that will help you reach your goals faster.

The reason I say this is a workout for real people is because of those who are working out with you in the videos. They are not just going through some moves and pretending to work out. They are really doing it and sometimes they have to drop-down to a modified version of the exercise they’re doing or they might even have to stop for a few seconds. Many times throughout the workout, the instructors always say, “If you have to stop, go ahead. Take what you need and get right back into it.” Seeing these fit-looking people going through exactly what I am allows me to not feel bad if I have to stop for a few seconds in the middle of push-ups or revert to the child’s pose push-ups for a couple.

Every time I have done one of these workouts in Cardio Sculpt, I come out of it feeling energized and pleased with myself for making it through.

No matter what your fitness level you are, what life-stage you are in, what activities get you motivated, DailyBurn can help you reach your fitness goals. If I can do it, anyone can do it! It’s completely free for 30 days so sign-up and give it a try. Challenge yourself and be amazed at what you can do!

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  1. Because of this, if you tend to lack self-motivation when working out, the independent nature of DailyBurn may not be idea for achieving your fitness goals. In other words, DailyBurn may be able to show you the path to fitness, but it s up to you to get off the couch and put in the effort.

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