Limerence Abbreviations and Vocabulary

There is a lot of abbreviations used when talking about limerence. This is a list of common ones that you may come across.


LE – Limerence Experience (can refer to the Tribe or to the experience itself)

LO – Limerent Object (the person for which one is limerent)

XLO – Ex-Limerent Object (an LO that the limerent person is no longer limerent for)

SO – Significant Other (the person one is in a relationship with, usually a spouse)

LC – Limited Contact (limiting contact with LO from the usual amount spent)

NC – No Contact (all contact with LO is stopped)

T – Therapist


Limerbrain – The brain on limerence, which often makes poor decisions that prolong limerence.

Limerbeast – A personification of limerence as a beast within a person that must be fought

Starvation – The onslaught of evidence that LO does not reciprocate the limerent person’s feelings

Transference – A limerent person loses interest in one LO and becomes limerent for another

Disclosure – Admitting one’s limerent feelings to the LO

Reciprocation – When the LO also has feelings for the limerent person